At KKS (KrisKo Software), we develop custom enterprise software solutions leveraging cutting edge software technologies, database technologies and internet technologies. The verticals we work on are HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, ERP, CRM. As long as software deployment is concerned, we leverage both SaaS delivery model and/or on premises license model. 


Our software solution is extremely customized and truly independent. Leveraging our inhouse rapid software building platform, we are capable of delivering robust, correct by construction custom software solutions with relatively less time.


We have software solution ready for the following domains:

* Hospital Information Management Systems (KrisKoHIMS).

* School Information Management Systems (KrisKoSIMS).

* CRM Driven Recruitment Software Solution (KrisKoRecruit).

* HR & Payroll Software Solution (KrisKoHRM).

* Attendance Management Software Solution (KrisKoAttendance).

* Accounting Software Solution (KrisKoAccount).

* Asset Management Software Solution (KrisKoAsset).

* Online Test and Learning Platform (KrisKoOTP, KrisKoOLP) for B2B.

* Online Test Platform (KrisKoOTP) for B2C.

* Online Learning Platform (KrisKoOLP) for B2C.


We have two great software solutions for ERP (KrisKoERP) and CRM (KrisKoCRM) applicable across industries.


In addition, we do have expertise in the following domains to provide cutting edge software solutions to our customer:

* Robotics Process Automation Leveraging Machine Learning.

* Data Science and Predictive Data Analysis.

While deploying our software solution leveraging SaaS delivery model, we follow world-class security and safety guidelines.

Give us a call at +918095010670 or email us at and see how our software solution can transform your business.